(model kit)

This is a Scale Model Kit, Paint and Glue are not included.


The IS-2 is a Soviet heavy tank from the Second World War. The first prototypes of this vehicle were built in 1943, and it entered service in the same year. 3400-3600 vehicles of this type were manufactured in the course of production. The combat weight of the tank was up to 46 tons. The drive was provided by a single W-2-IS diesel engine with a power of up to 520 HP. The basic armament consisted of the 122 mm D-25T gun and 3-4 machine guns: 1 12.7 mm DSzK rifle and 2-3 7.62 mm DT rifles.

The IS-2 was developed as a development of the IS-1 tank, and the main difference between the two turrets was the use of a much more powerful armament in the IS-2, i.e. the 122mm gun. It allowed the IS-2 to engage in a fairly equal fight with the German PzKpfw vehicles. V and VI, as well as to effectively support the attack of own infantry. Already in the course of World War II, the basic version of the IS-2 was modernized, bearing the designation IS-2M, which was characterized by the use of, among others: a semi-automatic wedge lock, improving the rate of fire, as well as changing the front armor plates on the hull. The IS-2 tanks proved to be very useful heavy tanks with high combat value in the period 1943-1945. It is worth adding that they were formed almost exclusively into separate Guard heavy tank regiments.

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